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Àngel Maeztu i Coso

Carré De Dames Pour Un As (Jacques Poitrenaud, 1966)

Hi, how are things?

I hope all is well with you and yours. My name is Àngel Maeztu. I'm a cinema afficionado/journalist from Barcelona (Spain).

I write to you because I have a few brand new/sealed copies of the very rare, out of print Spanish VHS edition of Carré De Dames Pour Un As to trade. Only in Spanish, without any kind of subtitles.

If you're interested in getting a copy of that real hard to find VHS tape and a copy of my DVD-R of that film (transferred from VHS), please let me know. I could send them to you and maybe you could send me a couple of DVDs released in your country.

All the best and hope to hear from you soon.

Àngel Maeztu i Coso

Carré De Dames Pour Un As-Demasiadas Mujeres Para Layton (Jacques Poitrenaud, 1966)

Hakim Gregory escapes from prison by killing a number of guards and returns to his hide-out abroad, to lead again his gang of drug trafficking and contract murders. Layton, of the Secret Service, must discover and arrest him. The difficult mission almost becomes impossible with the rivalry of Layton's partner, Petula, the jealousy of his bride, Marion, the possible treachery of a Spanish woman, Dolores Arrabal, and yet a mysterious and sexy informant, Rosario... Too many women for Layton.

(soundtrack and cameo by Serge Gainsbourg) (version in Spanish)
Only released on VHS format here in Spain, but long gone out of print.

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